Gordon and Jane

People really don’t walk very much anymore. We drive everywhere, even short distances that could easily be covered on foot. All or recreation is powered by gasoline, whether it’s auto racing, ATV’s, or puttering around the ecological nightmare of a golf course in a cart. How sad that people drive their car to the gym just to get on a treadmill. Whenever I ride my bicycle past a gym and see people trapped inside on stationary bikes, I laugh. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah! So I was thinking today that in one day out here I walk more than some people have in their entire lives. It’s true! So if I walk 25 miles, I’ve walked more in twelve hours than a three-year-old child has in their ENTIRE LIFE. Try as I may to be humble about this fact, I still think it’s braggable. Whenever I see a three-year-old kid, I point and say, ‘You, dear chap, are lazy. Get a job.’It is so nice to be back in forested mountains again after baking in that shadeless desert. As I got to Battle Pass, I ran into Gordon and Barb, two seventy-somethings who are avid peak baggers. These folks have climbed mountains that I would get nervous about, yet they are old enough to be my grandparents!

  • Starting Location: water jugs along the way
  • Destination: Gordon and Jane


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