water jugs along the way

Scott went back to Rawlings for coffee and I resumed my road walk, looking forward to his return with caffeine. When he finally did return, he also had a hug box of food he got from an AYCE breakfast buffet in town! This is awesome. I scarfed a disgusting amount of food into my belly. Just then two bicycle tourers rolled by and I met Hannibal and Jane. Hannibal has hiked the AT and the PCT twice each, and the CDT once. Now they are bicycling the CDT route and I was great to meet them.Figured I had better get some walking in so I began my day. Scott promised to leave a few jugs of water at 5-mile intervals and I can’t describe how nice it was to have my water worries disappear. The only water here is nasty saline scum water, but now I had water waiting for me. What a great guy!When I hit the first jug, I took what I needed and left a note on it so other CDT hikers would know it was clean water for them. At the second jug, a truck stopped as I stood there and the folks gave me an ice-cold beer from their cooler. Holy cats! These road walks aren’t so bad after all.The rest of the day I walked into a fierce headwind and was glad to have my MP3 player blasting music to keep me sane. It was hot and windy, but I lost myself in good tunes as the miles melted away. I see forested mountains in the distance! Get me out of this sagebrush desert! The heat and nonstop wind are driving me crazy.

  • Starting Location: valet parking for drunks
  • Destination: water jugs along the way


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