valet parking

Swung by the PO and got my bounce box containing all the miscellaneous crap I think I might need. Refilled my Aqua Mira water treatment bottles. German Tourist really saved me back in South Pass City when she gave me her extra bottles – I would have otherwise run out days ago. Found a discount grocery store and re-supplied for the haul to Steamboat Springs. I have a love/hate relationship with these stores since all the food they sell is expired and/or damaged. Yes, it’s really cheap and prevents waste, but this is the stuff stores usually toss in the dumpster where I can get it for free! But since I rarely dumpster dive while thru hiking, I was glad to have access to 39Ï box pasta and frozen blocks of cheese 5 months past their expiration date. I even got broccoli and garlic.Stuffed my face at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet and bought a gallon water jug at a grocery store for the next big waterless stretch. My friend, Jug, would be happy to know I adopted his hydration transportation style.On another highway road walk! Slogged down hwy 71 and found a nice pair of waterproof gloves along the way in the ditch. They might be perfect for cold Colorado so I kept ’em. 10 miles down the way, a pickup truck stopped to see if I needed water. He pulled halfway off the road on the wrong side and parked…that’s how I met Scott. Already a bit tipsy, he offered me beer, which I gratefully accepted. Hours went by as we drank and had excellent conversation. As night replaced day, bourbon replaced beer and we still sat on the road discussing life. A vehicle pulled up and those familiar red and blue lights went on – the cops! There we were, surrounded! The officer ran our info and I explained to him what was going on and he seemed to understand. Noticing Scott was wasted, he took his keys and drove his truck into the ditch for him. Valet parking! Now safely off the road, the cop left us to our roadside drinking. Wyoming is a different place, that’s for sure. I still can’t believe the police were so accommodating for what I thought was highly illegal, but judging by the beer cans along the road these past few days, the law is used to these kinds of antics.

  • Starting Location: Rawlings, Wyoming
  • Destination: valet parking for drunks


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