Rawlings, Wyoming

Left Bull Spring with 5 liters of water and headed out into the desert. Gaia smiled on me again and cloud cover blocked the harsh sun. The stretch into Rawlings is a road walk along a busy highway, so I just zoned out and hiked along in the ditch with cars screaming past. Met some nice folks in an RV along the road who made me a sandwich and gave me clean water. How nice!Finally got to town at 4pm, a day ahead of schedule. There is no way I was only doing high 30 mile days. I either did the math wrong or the map distance was off. Hit the library for Internet and then a bar for food. I’d planned on camping somewhere in town but a huge thunderstorm hit and as I slogged through the streets in rain, I saw a cheap hotel. Hate spending money on lodging but this was a good time to do it. Showered, washed my clothes in the tub, and relaxed indoors away from the rain. It was nice to be clean again. Decided against the hitchhike ahead into the town of Encampment, so I’ll resupply tomorrow for the 150 stretch into Steamboat Springs, CO. That’s a long way to haul food, but I hate standing at a road with my thumb out.

  • Starting Location: the circle of life?
  • Destination: Rawlings, Wyoming


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