the circle of life?

Broke my beloved spoon the other night. This is tragic, people. There is still a tiny nub I can grasp to shovel food into my mouth, but what was I going to stir with? The only wood around is sagebrush so I can’t carve one from a branch. Ah, ha! I’ll use a tent stake! I also use a tent stake to dig a hole to poo into every morning, so the cycle is complete; I use the same utensil to help put food into my body and to dispose of waste after it comes out. For some reason this fills my heart with glee. Long, hot days in the desert. Saw a bunch of wild horses and trudged through a lot of sand. There are so many unmarked roads I can’t fathom why they are even there in the first place. 90% of the flimsy CDT posts are broken off in the dirt so I spent a lot of time using rocks to prop them back up. Those crazy junctions would be a nightmare without some signs, and I only wish other hikers would put them back up as well.Some of the water sources today were so thick with swimming invertebrates I felt I should chew before swallowing. But oh, to have water. So precious. Hiked until 9pm to reach Bull Spring, cruising in so late I couldn’t see a thing. Only knew I was there because I could smell the water. Seriously, how weird is that?! 36 miles today – I better wake up earlier if I want to get a bigger day in tomorrow. I think the guidebooks might be off a bit, I must of walked more than 36 miles today.

  • Starting Location: still desert
  • Destination: the circle of life?


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