still desert

Up by alarm – I hate that, but it’s necessary if I’m going to crank out bigger mile days. Did 15 miles by 1pm and stopped by a spring to tank up on water. It’s very dry out here and the few water sources are all too often polluted by cattle. The way our modern world is going, I see a day in the not so distant future where clean drinking water is the most valuable resource we have. Humans can live without gasoline and gold, but not without clean water. Think about that next time you flush the toilet. Future generations will think we were absolutely crazy for squandering drinking water.Anyways! So I got 5 liters of heavy but necessary water and groaned down the trail. As luck would have it, a storm did manifest and the respite from the afternoon sun was wonderful. With such a heavy pack, I was slowed but just moved along best I could. Didn’t see anyone today, just antelope, hawks, and the occasional horned lizard. Excellent company. This terrain is fascinating – endless rolling hills of crackly sagebrush. Dusk rolled in as I rolled into a water source, but its stagnant waters turned my stomach. Still had 2 liters to take me 7.5 miles to another spring tomorrow – I’ll survive. If I had no water, I’d drink from that pool, but I’d rather be a little thirsty tomorrow than drink from a pond encrusted with cow pies. 37 miles today, just 3 shy of my personal record from the Pacific Crest Trail.

  • Starting Location: South Pass City
  • Destination: still desert


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