leaving the Wind River Range

Today was the end of the Wind River Range, by far the most spectacular section yet. Couldn’t resist climbing East Temple Peak, 12,590 feet, if I recall. It was an easy climb with great views and I got to look back at all those mountains I’d been walking through for the past few days. Goodbye Winds, I’ll see you again.I’ve been getting pretty ripe and if my own stink bothers even me, I know it’s time for a swim. Bushwhacked around Little Sandy Lake and crossed a neat old dam made entirely of stone before finding a nice spot to submerge my filthy body. As all the dirt came off during my splashing, a trout came over to investigate. I swear I saw it retch when it swam through the cloud of grime.Trail turned to dirt road and I hiked until dusk through open plains of sagebrush. Kicked up a herd of antelope before spotting a nice elevated flat spot. Got all tucked in, ‘cowboy camping’ without setting up my tarp, when I noticed I was covered in ants! Scooped up my gear and moved over 20 feet, squashing the tag-alongs when I settled in again. Gotta get into South Pass City tomorrow before the store closes, but it’s a dirt road walk and I’ll move quickly. Hoping the meteor shower I saw last night is still streaking the sky tonight. And I hope those ants don’t find me again.

  • Starting Location: Big Sandy Lodge and Jackass Pass
  • Destination: leaving the Wind River Range


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