meeting the Moaks

I misjudged where first light would hit, so instead of waking up early, it was 8am before my eyes opened! I have an alarm but hate using it…reminds me of work. So my original plan of 30 miles to get me close to Big Sandy Lodge is a bust. Breakfast is at 7:30am, but no way can I do 30 miles with two hours of daylight wasted.Who should I meet today but the Moaks, makers of excellent lightweight backpacking gear. They were headed the opposite way so I got to run into them and they even offered the use of their water filter. Fine folks and since Beaverton is their home I’m sure we’ll meet again.Today was a great day for hiking and the scenery was astonishing. Slowly the Cirque of the Towers crept into view, tempting me with their craggy heights. It’s out of the way, but sure to be worth it; I’ll have to look at the map again to see if I can figure out a way to take a closer look. I’ve got a mail drop waiting at the lodge so I can’t bypass it and am hesitant about retracing my steps for five miles.The trail here is very confusing. Unmarked intersections that appear to lead off in the same general direction make choosing the correct one extremely difficult. My map shows two trails, so what is this third one branching off? And where is this other trail I’m supposed to see intersecting from the west? Where the hell am I? The sun is down and I set up camp in the dark, knowing 10 miles before 7:30am would be a stretch. Id’ have to get up at 3:30am and navigate before daylight. Screw that, it’s only breakfast!

  • Starting Location: meeting Jordan and Gail
  • Destination: meeting the Moaks


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