another alternate route?

For some reason I thought this section wouldn’t have many other hikers but I was wrong. There are hikers everywhere! I couldn’t walk half an hour without bumping into someone. And they weren’t even all ‘hardcore’ backpackers. There was a family out fishing, folks out for short overnight trips, two mountaineer guys and these three crazy kids from Ohio. They were wearing camouflage hats and big Bowie knives on their belts, walking around with a solar powered radio blasting Pink Floyd. ‘Dude, this place is so much cooler than Yellowstone with all those stupid tourists’ one said to me. ‘Yea…’ I said, but thought to myself, not for long. But they gave me cheese so I forgave the boom box. Only hiked about 20 miles today and staged myself at a good start for tomorrow’s adventure: Peak Lake, a blue jewel tucked among towering peaks. It’s tough finding an acceptable leave no trace campsite at a spot like this. The flat spots are way too close to the lake, but I found a reasonably level shelf up high above. I’m so glad it’s a reasonably difficult hike to get here because otherwise it would be swarming with people and get trampled to death.Tomorrow’s route is supposed to be kinda sketchy, but also very beautiful so I think this alternate route will be worth it. The CDT stays on some other path, but this Knapsack Col Route gets above 12,000 feet and onto some glacial areas. You’re supposed to have an ice axe for this kind of route, and I do have one. It just happens to be at home right now. Bah, who wants safe and sane when dumb and dangerous is right over that mountain? We shall see how I feel tomorrow…I seem to remember another alternate route I took and almost squirted urine in my shorts due to fear. No worries, these modern synthetic materials dry quickly.

  • Starting Location: Wind River section
  • Destination: another alternate route?


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  1. Hey Em, I am excited to see you guys finsih. Katahdin will be your ultimate triumph. You can think about all the different thing you might like to do when you get back and what you really want to keep the same because it is importnat to your life (such as eating healthy breakfast every day, getting exercise, or even making sure you brush your teeth or bigger stuff like maintaining friendships or making sure to travel at least once a year). hang in there and keep posting stuff to the blog. I like reading about you guys. Keep going, keep going. even if the scenery is becoming a little old hat, think of somthing new to inspire you. Think of the muscle you are building and that you are pushing your body to new heights which will last and you will ahve muscle memory from this hike for the rest of your life. We miss you. Christie

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