Wind River section

Nice day bushwhacking through the forest, just meandering southeast in the woods. Eventually found some trail and was able to hike faster. Got on a wrong road somehow and popped out much further south than I expected, but just then a guy drove by and gave me some granola bars. Talk about perfect timing.Not wanting to follow the road back to the trail, I simply walking into the trees and headed where I needed to go. I’m really beginning to relish cross-country travel even though it slows my pace. As I approached my destination there were two other thru hikers walking by and I finally got to meet One Gallon and German Tourist. It’s great to meet other hikers out here because they understand perfectly what I’m doing. They are out here for the same reasons! It’s difficult to explain a thru hike to someone not hiking. People just don’t get it, and how could they?We camped together tonight and it was great to have company. This is the beginning of the Wind River section and I’m very excited to see what all the hype is about. If those huge mountains on the near horizon are any indication, this is going to be awesome.

  • Starting Location: road walking – blah!
  • Destination: Wind River section


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