road walking – blah!

Ate a crappy but expensive breakfast at the lodge and got outta there. To get to the CDT involved a 10-mile road walk along a busy highway and the swarms of vehicles made for uncomfortable walking. Met a crew of guys dong a supported 2000-mile bicycle ride for some study out of the university of Missoula and they kindly shared their Gatorade. I’d already walked 5 miles of highway and was sick of it, so I simply started walking cross-country. Now this was more like it! Clear skies, beautiful terrain, and nothing but my compass to guide me.

Eventually hit CDT jeep road and steadily climbed on. Saw a few moose and then another hiker in the distance. I caught up and met Mother Nature’s Son, a very pleasant gentleman. We hiked together for 10 minutes and I stopped to cook. We agreed to meet up further on and share a camp spot. I was really looking forward to having some company but the jeep trail faded out and I ended up bushwhacking straight up to the Divide. No sign of Mother Nature’s Son unfortunately, so I camped alone again. If you’re not hiking within eyesight of each other, the odds of staying on the same route are very slim. Hell, I’m not even on trail right now, just plopped down once I reached the Divide and will continue tomorrow in daylight. The trail is non-existent and it’s up to each thru hiker to choose a route here. I like that.

Ran into some bear traps along the way. Researchers trap and attach radio collars to the bears and the attractant for the traps are big buckets of blood and a chunk of rotting animal. I saw grizzly tracks all over the place today, so I’d say they have a good chance of success. I, however, have no desire to meet another bear so it was harmonica time! Oh, the sweet sound of a musical instrument in the hands of an unskilled player.

  • Starting Location: answering fan mail
  • Destination: road walking – blah!


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