answering fan mail

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket? The horse packers’ superhighway was the CDT today, and a muddy route it was. My feet couldn’t stay level as I sloshed around and slipped in yesterday’s alfalfa. That’s code fer horse poop for you non-horse people.Togwotee Lodge soon came into view after 20 miles and I rushed to the convenience store to load up on carbs. That’s code fer beer for you non-carb people.Got my mail drop  and took a free shower. Stealth camping right by the lodge tonight since dusk took over. Knowing folks are paying $100 to sleep in a cabin right next to my perfect camp only adds to the appeal.Ok! It’s time to answer some fan mail!(rummage, rummage)Q: Why are you always wearing the same clothing in your photos?A: That’s because those clothes are all I wear. I hike, rest, and sleep wearing the same filthy duds I sported on the PCT. Sometimes I wash them, but most often they are putrid enough to knock a dog off a gut wagon. ‘Hygiene’ is what I’d say when I meet the lead singer of the rock band K.I.S.S.Q: What do you eat out there?A: My mail drops contain nothing but the finest whole food organic dumpstering can get. A diet rich in wholesome food helps balance out all the candy I stuff into my body. This is part of my balancing act, the yin and yang of essence. Chocolate compliments organic and the scales of life are perfectly balanced in harmony. Oh, you don’t believe me?!! Can you hike 30 miles a day for months on end? I didn’t think so, so let me be. .Q: Why are you so crass?A: Shut up.

  • Starting Location: Parting of the Waters at Two Oceans Creek
  • Destination: answering fan mail


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