Parting of the Waters at Two Oceans Creek

Goodbye Yellowstone! It was a short visit but you were beautiful and I’ll always recall you fondly. An easy 14 miles along the Snake River got me out of the park and their restricted campsites. Hello Teton! A thunderstorm greeted this imaginary border and my trusty umbrella saved the day again. Lots of confusing cross trails to keep my brain focused and I’m humbled knowing people do this trail without a GPS to help find the correct path. Trails branch off everywhere and there aren’t always recognizable features to use; just map and compass. I mean, if I had to I could, but this little gadget sure is a time saver when you’re in featureless forest and the path you’re on suddenly branches into three routes or just fades away altogether! The GPS is a crutch, but I’m glad to have the assistance. The ‘Parting of the Waters’ was the highlight of today. Appropriately named Two Ocean Creek flows down a gully and splits into two branches, each flowing to a different ocean. What a stunning visual reminder of the geographical feature this trail is named for! I cooked supper here in the crotch of the Y where the parting occurs. Horse traffic has made the trail a sloppy mess and it is a challenge to stay upright in the slippery mud. It’s tempting to walk alongside the trail, but this only worsens the problem by making the path wider. Good ‘leave no trace’ ethics dictate hikers to suck it up and stay on trail. Well, we try, anyway. Met two northbound section hikers today. These jovial ladies must have been in their mid-sixties, but I was too polite to ask. I thought about camping with them since it was getting dark, but unless they invited me I wasn’t about to intrude. I pushed on through the mud and it started raining again, and I kicked myself for not asking if I could have joined them. Eventually found a spot and set up no worse for wear.

  • Starting Location: A scare in the woods
  • Destination: Parting of the Waters at Two Oceans Creek


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