A scare in the woods

Today was northbounder day! Of the few goofballs who decide to hike the CDT every year, about half go north and half south. The ‘NOBOs’ start around April, so they are much further ahead time wise than June start southbounders. I knew I’d see them soon, but holy cats! It was a herd! Some folks don’t like to be mentioned by name in online forums so I’ll respect that and leave them anonymous. Over the course of the day I met three groups for a total of nine hikers! It was like a PCT ’06 reunion; many familiar faces from my hike last year.The winds were blowing in violent gusts as I meandered along the trail. Dead trees from an old fire stood guard like pale grey sentries. I was thinking about how in all my time in the woods I’d never seen a tree blow over when a 60 foot pine corpse suddenly crashed across the trail a mere fifty feet in front of me. I’d be fibbing if I said that didn’t scare me.  I did pick up my pace and kept a hairy eyeball on all those dead trees. What a forceful wind! Saw a few more blow over and crash in the surrounding woods, but none spooked me like that first one across the path I was walking. But mothers shouldn’t worry because every thru hiker wears a helmet full time. p>I stopped to talk to all and wish we could have camped together so we could spend time catching up. As it was I had a 30-mile day with my backcountry permit so I tried to limit my flapping jaw too much. Still got to camp at 8:30 and had to cook as dusk fell. So many awesome hot spring features today. Stinky sulfer gas and bubbling pools. Yellowstone is beautiful and I’m tired. Goodnight!

  • Starting Location: Old Faithful
  • Destination: A scare in the woods


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