Old Faithful

Up and at it by 6am, some kind of new record for me. Walked by fascinating geysers and cauldrons Yellowstone is famous for. They look like a nice hot tub, but the temperature could be too hot. And besides, soaking in them would destroy them for everyone else. And I don’t want to boil myself alive either.Got to the giant tourist orgy of Old Faithful Village and drank a beer while drying out my gear on the grass. Ate overpriced and tasteless food in a cafeteria full of overfed and tasteless tourists before I could stand my surroundings no more. Saw Old Faithful erupt and hit the trail just in time for an onslaught of rain, hail, and thunder. I may be a lousy dresser but my timing is perfect. Hiked to a campsite that Dave had reserved and promptly passed out. Ahhh, sacked out in the woods. Towns are nice for food but swirling amongst the mindless drones of tourists in some areas is enough to make one slightly misanthropic.

  • Starting Location: Yellowstone
  • Destination: Old Faithful


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