Permits? We don’t need no stinking permits! Well, actually, we do in Yellowstone Park. But as thru hikers with unusual schedules it’s difficult to arrange. Most folks plan months in advance, but we don’t know exactly when we’ll arrive. I entered the park after a refreshing thunderstorm and met ‘Dave from Maine’ at Summit Lake. He possessed a permit and kindly allowed me to stay. Thanks Dave! Now the rangers can’t corner me and beat me on the kidneys with branches like they are supposed to. Scofflaws are punished strictly in America’s first national park. Trespassers will be violated. I’ll get my permits tomorrow, I promise!

  • Starting Location: religious banter
  • Destination: Yellowstone


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  1. While I love, love, love the idea of free, I am going to have to wait until April for this. We have 2 feet of snow and the last thing I want to do is hike through it to enjoy naurte (although if the park is willing to fly me to someplace warm, I am all over it).

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