meeting up with critters!

What a day. All started out well enough with nice trail and sunshine. Around noon the skies exploded with rain, followed by thunder and lightning. I was walking on an exposed ridge without tree cover so I just put up my umbrella and hiked as fast as I could. The rain turned to hail so I donned my rain jacket as well. Coming around a corner I got face to face with a soaking wet moose who looked very upset with her current surroundings. We stared at each other for a full minute before I noticed a look of jealousy for my umbrella so I yelled, ‘Take off, you hoser’ and she did.The storm blew away and next I jumped a huge herd of elk. What a ruckus that many animals make in flight. And then there was the bird. On every thru hike I get attacked by a bird. The Ice Age Trail had the crow attack. The AT had the vulture incident. On the PCT it was a killer owl and the CDT saw me tangle with a hawk. I was hiking in sunshine up Taylor Mountain when I saw a small shadow on the ground next to me, followed immediately by a whoosh of air. And this huge hawk flew mere feet above my head! It happened so fast I had no reaction at all, except amazement. It flew to a tree above me and screeched until I passed. I held my stick like a baseball bat and kept a close eye on that feathered assassin, lest it decide to make another run for my head. I would have smacked him piñata style.So I survived the winged bully and had fantastic views as I walked the Divide. Storms rumbled far away but I had stellar weather. Followed trail to a road where there was supposed to be a spring, but dusk was settling and I couldn’t find it. Gave up as it got darker and never got a chance to cook my supper. Only a ½ liter for tonight and 3 more miles to water tomorrow. It’s going to be a thirsty night and morning.

  • Starting Location: going it alone
  • Destination: meeting up with critters!


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