going it alone

Mike drove us back to the trail and the journey continues. Saw some more bull elk with impressive antlers and had some crazy bushwhacking since the trail just disappeared multiple times. I like walking cross-country though; it makes you extremely aware of your surroundings. Lost sight of ToeK and Jug during a section of this and they were too far away to see so I continued solo. We had discussed the possibility of this happening so I wasn’t worried. All three of us are more than competent enough to walk this trail alone anyway. Hiking in a group is fun, but so is being by yourself. The beauty of the loose alliances hikers form is how quickly they come and go, but I still hope to see those guys down the trail.

  • Starting Location: Lima, Montana
  • Destination: going it alone


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  1. My father John was the scout matser of Troop 16 in the early to mid 70s. My brother John and I were scouts. We all hiked the Long Trail from the Mass to the Canadian boarder with Troop 16. We did 50 or so miles a year. We did one week each summer for 4 or so years. My father passed away a few years ago and both my brother and I have great memories of our father and hiking with the boy scouts.Does the troop still do that?

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