Lima, Montana

What the?! What happened with the date? I’m missing a few days! I’d like to say those missing journal entries were brilliant pieces of prose, chock full of witty observations and detailed descriptions of nature’s beauty that happened to get lost from my notebook. Truth is I was just too lazy to write. But I assure you, dear reader, that they would have been wicked awesome.Today is a zero mile day of rest and relaxation in the town of Lima, Montana; our second one. Toek’s shin splints were acting up so we decided some time was needed to let them heal. Stayed at the Mountain View Motel and I’m happy to report all the rumors are true. The owners, Mike and Connie, are incredibly hiker friendly. They pick you up from the trail and bring you to town, charge very reasonable rates, and are just so kind-hearted. We had good meals at the restaurant and got all cleaned up with showers and laundry. My ratty old hiking shirt is literally falling apart at the seams, so I sewed it up proper. Shaved, cut my toenails, and just…didn’t…walk! br>

  • Starting Location: new constellations in the sky
  • Destination: Lima, Montana


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