Cottonwood Mountain

I decided to take an alternate route off trail to see something way off the beaten path and made plans to meet Jug and Toek at a spring further down the line. It was a fine walk and I found a ram’s horn amongst the grass. Some loose scree down a steep slope brought me back to the CDT and the spring, but where were my friends? I waited 30 minutes and figured they went ahead, so pushed on as a storm blew in. some X-country travel got me to the base of Cottonwood Mountain in a saddle, but a lightning and thunder blast right over my head made me scramble down into the valley for safety. Camped under the sheltering boughs of a conifer and 2 hours later the guys showed up. Seems they waited at a different location and I hiked so fast they never intercepted my path.The rain fell steady but I was dry under the branches of my friendly tree. Being covered in sap was better than being wet.

  • Starting Location: Horse Prairie Mountain
  • Destination: Cottonwood Mountain


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