If at all possible, the best plan for a campsite is to face east and get bathed by the morning sun as it rises. Not only does it help to start the day being warmed by the sun, but this also acts as a nice natural alarm clock for lazy hikers. This morning we must have hit the snooze button because even with daybreak washing over our camp, nobody moved until 7:30 am.Nice 16 miles or so brought us to Bannock Pass and the lonely dirt road that leads to Leadore. We’d all heard it was a difficult hitch so when the first truck went by 15 minutes after we arrived, all arms were flailing and thumbs desperately stuck up. They stopped! Into the back of a pickup. L-U-C-K-Y!In Leadore on a Sunday so the P.O. was closed and we couldn’t get our boxes. Set up camp at the town park and hit the shower. First soap in about 2 weeks; damn, we were stinky. Met a really nice section hiker named Kokopelli and had supper at the Velvet Elk restaurant. Felt so nice to be clean and full of greasy town food.

  • Starting Location: trail magic and a bear
  • Destination: Leadore


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