Idaho and Montana

Here I am, 25 miles from where I slept last night under a canopy of stars and nestled amongst fallen pine needles. Had some splendid crest walking today and the trail meandered from Montana to Idaho all day. Being so high meant a lack of water so it all had to be carried on my back. With all the horror stories I heard about bugs out here, they’ve been surprisingly tame. Once again I’m sleeping without my bug net in place and only got attacked when I went down to a marsh to get drinking water. All the cow stories are true though, and some water sources are just filthy with cow poo. I’m really itching to crank out bigger miles but my hiking partners don’t, so I’m in a bit of a quandary. I really enjoy their company but I miss the ‘runners high’ I get from doing the big miles. My body is ready for 30’s even in this crazy switchback CDT trail. There is no real explanation for my desire to do high mileage, but it’s there. Hopefully Toek and Jug get ready to crank it up a notch because I don’t want to have to go ahead without them. They are my friends!

  • Starting Location: caring for the trail
  • Destination: Idaho and Montana


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