Sheep Creek

The trail took us on a knee jarring decent to Sheep Creek this morning, past thick stands of conifers and across streams where I tried to boulder hop across but mostly just sloshed right in. My sneakers dry out pretty quickly so this isn’t a problem. I’m down to one pair of socks, however, and the annoyance of their holes is only outdone by the putrid stench. New socks in the next town, that’s for sure.Eventually the path began to climb again and tree cover gave way to rock. We crested the Divide and were treated to magnificent views as pika chirped out calls of alarm. Another beautiful day to be in the woods sweating your ass off and gasping for breath as leg muscles strain. It’s those moments when the world opens up and as far as the eye can see are walls of rock. The bugs, the pain, the hunger and weariness all float away as you realize how wonderful it is to be here. Then the mosquitoes find you and your stomach rumbles and you know ya got another 10 miles to walk before supper.

  • Starting Location: one month on the trail
  • Destination: Sheep Creek


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