one month on the trail

One month on the trail and we roll out from our nests tired and filthy. Had so much fun we forgot to shower or do laundry! Who cares? We’d be filthy again anyway. Wildcat, who had stayed in a different town, got dropped off just as we started walking, so we all hiked together. This stretch follows the border of Montana and Idaho so I got to choose which state to urinate in as the miles went by. Isn’t that great? Aren’t you glad I shared that with you?Big, big climb all day; felt like a rocky roller coaster. Six days of food weight in the backpack felt very heavy and we got to Big Hole Pass to cook and decided to sleep here since a thunderstorm was closing in. A mere 16 miles but we did start at 11am.

  • Starting Location: Lost Trail Pass
  • Destination: one month on the trail


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  1. Am really loving your journal! Love the real life, untarnished account!
    Love the sense of humor throughout! Thanks for your memories!

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