Lost Trail Pass

Lost in the forest! Ok, not lost really, but we did take a wrong trail at the end of yesterday and ended up walking a few miles in a slightly different direction. We were tired and not being as aware as we should have. Got to see bear and wolf tracks in the mud and a large owl, so that was nice. This morning we just bushwhacked back to the CDT and hiked to Lost Trail Pass (ironically enough) to hitch to town. Got a ride in the back of a pickup as soon as we got to the road and went flying to Darby. Ate breakfast at Trapper’s Café, resupplied for the next six days.  Jug had met a local who offered to drive us back to the pass, so at 11pm we zoomed back to the woods. There we were, 3 hikers crashing in the underbrush looking for a flat spot to sleep.

  • Starting Location: a scary time on the Divide
  • Destination: Lost Trail Pass


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