voting with my money

Seven eleven! Happy Convenience Store Day! Library didn’t open ’til late so we skipped it. Hit a tiny convenience store for coffee but after hearing the lady talk about how she dreams of turning it into a small organic grocery, I knew I wanted my money to go to her and not some faceless corporate grocery store. Resupply was expensive but I know where my money is going, unlike the giant chain stores. Totally worth it! Voting with your dollars is what keeps small business alive. It keeps character and identity strong as the Wal-Mart steamroller crushes America so people can save a few bucks on groceries.  Next we did the big road walk out of town. Finally got back in the woods and we all breathed a sigh of relief. The mountains – home! Some dirt roads, some bush whacking, and ended in a meadow in time to watch the sun sink behind blue ridges to the west. Clouds sprinkled a little rain, but nothing can dampen my spirits in surroundings like these.

  • Starting Location: new constellations in the sky
  • Destination: voting with my money


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