new constellations in the sky

Somebody turned down the thermostat last night – it was cold! Glad I didn’t mail home my base layers because I needed them. Today was mostly walking on Forest Service roads with pleasant views and easy tread. As we came to a small road crossing I saw a truck parked…with a cooler…and someone in a lawn chair – trail magic! “Blast”, a PCT alum, drove out here from Seattle to fish and spread some thru hiking love in the form of cold drinks and sandwiches. Holy cats! Were we surprised to see him out here in the woods! Spent 3 hours hanging out and expect to see him tomorrow at Warm Springs. Set up camp about 8 miles from town, right before the ‘private property’ section where hikers jump a locked fence and boogie across to civilization. Figured it was safer to camp before we got on someone else’s land. During our walk today we saw an old mine in the distance and went to investigate. Then I went up a hill to see the old building on top. Well, that building was a cabin and I hustled away before my butt got a shot of rack salt from a shotgun totin’ maniac. I didn’t want to piss off the landowners around the trail. The earth should be a common treasury for all to share, but not everyone sees it that way and would rather fence out the world. Or fence themselves in.Once you hop a fence and begin to trespass on somebody’s land all excuses of ignorance go out the window. It’s impossible to feign unawareness if you had to climb over barbed wire, but climb we did! This section followed an old jeep road for a bit and soon faded into cross-country trail which was easy since it was all mountain fields. Came face to face with some cows and soon hopped another fence with 3 ‘No Trespassing’ signs tacked to it. I’m sure whoever put these signs up wouldn’t mind that we merely walked through their property without disturbing a thing.Like a desert mirage, Uncle Buck’s Bar soon came into view and I crawled inside for salvation. Trail angel Blast was there waiting for us so we drank a cold beer with more good company. Gruvey, Donna, Wildcat, and Nitro showed up too and we kept the bartender busy with calls for more food and drink. We must have been nice because he ended up buying us all a round. What a great breakfast!We now faced a 9-mile road walk in the hot afternoon sun to Anaconda, but ToeK had the foresight to buy a 6-pack for the road! Our hoppy resupply got tucked amongst insulation layers to keep them cold and that road walk just flew by. There was a trail angel in town, but Jug, Toek, and I decided to forgo it since 7 people might overwhelm them. We didn’t want to impose so we strolled around town. Ran into some absolutely insane drunk/drugged out weirdoes who wanted to hang out with us, but we fled when their racist B.S. started. Hung out at the park rinsing in the creek. Got some free pizza and salad that somebody didn’t want anymore too! People are so wasteful in an illusion of plenty. My favorite way to see a new city is at midnight, walking through their lonely alleyways. Someone even yelled, ‘Go back to the circus!’ from a passing truck. How did he know I could juggle?Exhausted, we stumbled to some trees by the railroad tracks and laid out our bedrolls. Stomachs full, our conversation slowed as the stars above made new constellations. Orion was wearing a backpack and a package of Ramen Noodles appeared by Cassiopeia.

  • Starting Location: THUNDERBOLT!
  • Destination: new constellations in the sky


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