The CDT has many alternative routes to offer and we seem to take whichever suits our fancy when the trail splits. Today we had an option to take a low river route that cut off a few miles, or to hike up Thunderbolt Mountain. 8632 feet to a mountain named Thunderbolt? No question about it, especially when the name is yelled in a Dutch accent! THUNDERBOLT! So Jug, Toek, and I bolted up, had a thunder lunch and saw a furious thunder squirrel. I even took a thunder pee. We got to the ghost town of Leadville at 8pm and poked around the old log cabins and mining equipment. Luckily, Jug sent his mail drop to Leadore, not Leadville, since the post office here was a pile of decaying logs. Ran into another thru hiker named Steve and his brother Dave and learned of Dave’s feet problems. I lent him my trekking poles and he promised to mail them back to me. Even though I just met the guy I trust him 100% – just because he is a thru hiker.

  • Starting Location: hikin’ with good friends
  • Destination: THUNDERBOLT!


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