hikin’ with good friends

That glowing orb came up hot and brutal this morning to remind us there was hiking to be done. Sleeping bags were packed away, breakfast made, and then Good To Go and his mother shuttled us back to the trail. Turned out to be a delightful day and our troop of seven hiked along like a pack of boy scouts. To think that I had envisioned my CDT hike to be a lonely trek of solitude and contemplation! Now there we seven of us taking breaks together, speeding up and slowing down to have conversations and share jokes. Most of the walk was on old jeep roads and Forest Service roads so they were wide enough to accommodate side by side hiking. Water was everywhere again so we eventually hydrated enough to feel better. Towards the end of the day we met ‘The French Couple’ who are thru hiking this year and are from…France, of course! Walked past a lot of mining operations and no trespassing signs before finding a flat spot big enough for our entourage of shelters. 15 miles and we didn’t even start walking until 1pm! My pack is heavy with food since I went crazy at the grocery and loaded up on health food. The post office was closed too, so I couldn’t mail back my trekking poles. They are strapped to my pack, doing nothing but being heavy as I tote along my old bamboo staff. I do believe I’m the only hiker out here carrying three walking sticks.

  • Starting Location: eatin’ good with friends
  • Destination: hikin’ with good friends


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