eatin’ good with friends

Cool and cloudy skies greeted me this morning for an easy stroll down the mountain to MacDonald Pass. I hadn’t planned on hitching to this large city, but ToeK needed to mail some food ahead to a place that didn’t have groceries, plus we had a phone number for a hiker who lives in Helena. Once again, the person who stopped to pick up three sketchy looking men was a lady traveling by herself. She dropped us off in Helena right at the farmer’s market and it was surreal to be mingling in a crowd after so long in the forest. Located a grocery store called Real Foods so our resupply was good organic, whole foods instead of the artificial food crap most retail stores stock their shelves with. Jug called the hiker named Good To Go and got directions to his place. What a great guy! He let us shower and we also saw Donna and Gruevy again since they somehow got ahead of us. Good To Go and his girlfriend Krissy drove us to his brother’s house out of town and whipped up a huge BBQ feast. Wildcat and Nitro showed up too so there were seven hikers present. Somehow a wrestling match spontaneously began. It was a great evening with excellent company.

  • Starting Location: Dana Springs and the lights of Helena
  • Destination: eatin’ good with friends


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