tradition transfers

Got to the road early and hitched with a nice lady from Wisconsin into the town of Lincoln, Montana. We splurged and got a hotel room between the three of us so it was affordable. Did the local town stuff: laundry, shower, food, resupply. There are quite a few other thru hikers in town and we ended up in front of our hotel until late at night. 10 CDT hikers all together! There were Steady, Wildcat, Donna, Gruevy, Nitro, Kitch, K-Two, Jug, Toek, and myself.

  • Starting Location: Caribou Pass
  • Destination: an Ice Age Trail tradition transfers


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  1. This is to Kaye who has left comments on this blog sevearl times so far. Why are you so scolding? You are the one that is generalizing about Emily. You don’t know her personally. Emily’s post, which obviously got your knickers in a twist, was clearly between Emily and sevearl very specific men, and one in particular, that she felt was not very welcoming. This had nothing to do with you or were you there? In my experience, it is certainly within the realm of possibility that Emily detected a frat boy mentality from those guys. As a woman, I know I have many times in my lifetime. Besides, it’s her call, as she is the person who experienced it and she has the human right to perceive and respond to things in any way she chooses. I’m glad she put them in their place by showing them that she is strong, competent, and capable of hiking on that trail. Also, Emily doesn’t need constructive criticism from me, you or anybody else about hiking the trail. This is her hike and she can feel or say or do anything she likes. She can hike with or without a tent, she can hike fast or slow, she can hike in her bare feet or on her hands or backwards even. I don’t understand why you care. Don’t read her blog if her hiking decisions are so out of line .

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