Straight Creek

A short seven-mile walk brought us to the Benchmark Wilderness Ranch where most hikers send re-supply boxes full of food. The ranch was closed but our boxes were outside in metal bear proof boxes so we dug through our stuff and ate well. Then it was four hours sitting on the cozy porch in comfortable chairs, digesting our huge lunch and continuing to graze on snacks. Thru hikers can burn about 6000 calories a day and it’s only a matter of weeks before the ‘hiker hunger’ kicks in and gorging is a way of life. It’s hard to pack in enough food while hiking, so re-supply days are also a change to bulk up on needed calories. Hiked on for a few miles and found a great camp along Straight Creek. Even though it’s only 2.5 days until our next re-supply, we brought a lot of extra food other hikers left behind. Carry the extra weight is a pain, but free food here means less money spent in the next town.

  • Starting Location: Chinese Wall
  • Destination: Straight Creek


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