Spotted Bear Creek

It’s very rare that I get up early in the morning, but last night I pitched my tarp just right and woke as the sun turned the sky an imperial violet. Before retiring for the evening I had mixed oatmeal and instant pudding in my cook pot to soak as I slept and it was delicious. Switch’s ankle is pretty messed up so Prophet and he bailed from the CDT to get to a town. Being as painful as it was for him I think he made a wise decision. It’s not easy to come to a realization like that, but now he had a taste of thru-hiking life and can get his ankle healed for a future hike. Prophet will hopefully meet back up with us in Lincoln. The hike today was brutal for me but gorgeous. Coming down Switchback Pass was a long and painful descent. I picked up a branch to complement my bamboo staff. This helped eased the jarring and I look forward to receiving my trekking poles soon. This section had a lot of blow downs! Everything from the simple step over logs to gnarly trunks full of branches that made crossing a bit of a puzzle. The slopes are so steep and the underbrush so think, going around isn’t always an option. Sometimes you gotta just climb through the chaos. Spotted Bear Creek was beautiful and the trail meandered along its bank. There were frequent feeder creeks and I drank freely without worry of contamination. Just before Spotted Bear Pass, a thunderstorm hit and was gone in minutes. Toek, Jug, and I figured we should cook before any more rain hit and it stayed away just long enough to do so. As soon as we started eating, the rain was back so Jug and I ate under our umbrellas while ToeK disappeared inside his poncho. After eating we hiked on to My Lake and made camp. The rain abated and we lounged around, as hikers tend to do, telling goofy travel stories and farting like bull moose. There’s something about trail food that makes everyone gassy and there’s the lack of self-consciousness with trail life that lets us all break wind freely. See?!? This is the magic of thru hiking.

  • Starting Location: Dean Lake
  • Destination: Spotted Bear Creek


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  1. This is such fun, but started way too late, can’t wait to come back and read the rest!

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