hiking merrily along

Another beautiful morning on the CDT as the trek continued down Two Medicine River. Last night it got into the 20’s and was still chilly early on, but hiking warms yer blood up pretty fast. Had a break at the boarded up Badger Creek Ranger cabin and opted for the ‘purple’ route and a pleasant crossing of North Badger Creek. Saw a herd of bellowing cows who were so kind as to spray poop all over the trail as they fled in terror. No mere cow feces could spoil such a great day in the mountains, though, and our crew of five merrily walked on. I’ve always wanted to use the word ‘merrily’ to describe myself walking, and now I’ve finally done it.

After cooking supper just shy of Badger Pass my energy was restored, so when the group decided to camp at 7:30 I pushed on solo. The end of the day is my favorite time to walk and since I tend to sleep in late every morning, it’s a chance to cover some miles. Popped in my (somewhat repaired) headphones and sang along to the music which was sure to send any bears bolting away, wishing they could run on two legs so the other two could over their ears. At 9pm I somehow heard a voice over my music and spotted Steady Sr. down just off the trail. Figured my day was over so I camped with him in a nice grassy meadow. Guess I did about 28 miles today and boy do I feel it. My leg muscles aren’t sore, but that damn knee…

  • Starting Location: Two Medicine River
  • Destination: hiking merrily along


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