East Glacier

Leaving Two Medicine campground (and the bear canister) behind, the trial went up onto an exposed ridge with winds that nearly knocked me off my feet. It’s times like this I’m glad to have a large body to weigh me down. A lighter hiker would have been blown right off the mountain! I’ll have to send a thank you letter to the Stone Brewing Company for saving my life.A short 10 miles brought us to East Glacier for a beer on the porch and a meal at the Whistlestop Restaurant. Found the Backpacker’s Inn hostel and got a bunk. I hate paying for lodging, but there aren’t a lot of camping spots in town.

  • Starting Location: June 23
  • Destination: East Glacier


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  1. Yep, just finishing my liquid dinner roll right now…still thinking about the face in the mirror, I see that face in my mirror about 3 in the afternoon any March day, trimming the hedge, pulling weeds, hands in the dirt and covered with mud, eating my own hair in the winds of the day, happy to be living on the earth…grateful that not a soul will likely see me this disheveled.

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