The Divide

Today was the first time we walked on the actual Continental Divide. After trudging through snowfields up Pitamakan Pass, a quick map student showed a CDT alternate, which promised excellent views and possibly dangerous trail. Judging by the lack of snow around the peak of the Mt. Morgan, a decision was made to walk the trail around its summit. This was an excellent choice. The views were incredible and the trail in fantastic condition. We are on the Divide! Strong winds whipped around us as we shouted and snapped photos of the sweeping vistas; words can’t describe the feeling so I won’t even try.From Dawson Pass, the trail took us towards Bighorn Basin and a long snowfield gave Toek and I a chance to do some boot glissading. It’s a way of ‘skiing’ down the mountain on the soles of your shoes, covering ground quickly and having fun as well. At the bottom we had no idea where we were but my fancy GPS showed us right where to go. These gadgets take away from the skill level backcountry users need to develop, but damn if they aren’t convenient. At Two Medicine camp store we ate crappy convenient store food while looking over our photos and video from today’s adventure. After using the restrooms (with flush toilets, don’t ya know) I washed my hands and was startled at the reflection in the mirror. Sunburnt nose, scraggly 5 day beard, filthy shirt; oh yeah, I’m a thru-hiker again.

  • Starting Location: June 22
  • Destination: The Divide


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