Atlantic Creek camp

Last night as we were cooking dinner a large hawk started circling the lake in front of us. As we watched, it dove to fly right above the surface – directly at the lone duckling in the lake’s center! Right before contact, the tiny duckling popped underwater, narrowly missing the hawk’s talons. This happened twice more before the raptor gave up and flew off in search of easier prey. The duck paddled furiously to its squawking mother on the shoreline and was undoubtedly scolded for not staying close to safety. But what a story it had for the other ducklings!Today was another easy 10-mile day so there was no rush. The steep trail eventually crested Triple Divide Pass with excellent views all around. A family of mountain goats, shaggy with the slow loss of winter coat, greeted us at the top. I was surprised how close they let us come before ambling off to slopes so steep no human could safely traverse them. After a few hours at the pass we shuffled down to Atlantic Creek camp for supper and early bedtime. I’ve developed a weird hop-step to keep the weight off my knee and it has slowed my normal pace. Thinking about taking a zero day (no miles walked) in East Glacier to give it some rest. All my equipment is treating me well so far. My homemade quilt is keeping me dry and my backpack is comfortable. The giant sleeve of bug netting that my umbrella holds up at night is keeping the mosquitoes at bay. I’ve been warm and comfy so far, with only a few gear failures. The zipper on my warm jacket broke, but I’ll contact Montbell and hopefully get a replacement. My wood burning stove has performed perfectly, although I’ve yet to test my fire making skills in soaking wet conditions. Tomorrow we reach Two Medicine campground where we’ll get food and can turn in these bulky bear proof canisters. And soon I’ll be out of Glacier Parks designated campground restrictions and can sleep wherever I want.

  • Starting Location: June 21 A narrow escape!
  • Destination: Atlantic Creek camp


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