hiking joys

Last night I had awful headaches and couldn’t stop coughing…allergies I guess. Popped a Sudafed and was finally able to rest…for 14 hours! We didn’t get on trail until 10:30. Not that his matters since we can only walk 12 miles until our next designated camp. While applying for the permits I was tempted to try for 23-mile days, but am now glad I didn’t since my pace has slowed so much with the bum knee. It is so aggravating to have this happen. My muscles are strong, my mind is focused, but my damaged knee is making every step awful. There is a voice in the back of my head telling me to abandon my hike this year, but until the pain becomes unbearable I will just go on. I know if I leave and the doctor tells me it’s unfixable, I’ll curse myself for not sticking it out besides the discomfort.

So yeah, bad knee, headaches, coughing up phlegm all day…my hike is going great! Naw, the beauty around me makes up for it and every time I pause to take in the view of these towering peaks I know it’s all worth it. Where else can a simple pasta dinner cooked over a flame taste so good? Where else can you dip your bottle into a stream and drink the cold pure water? Where else can you have conversations with a hiking partner whose real name you don’t know but you trust him completely? Only on the long distance trails.

  • Starting Location: June 20
  • Destination: hiking joys


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