bad knee!?

For all the cold rain that dumped yesterday, today more than made up for it. Blue sky and sunny rays followed Toek and I all the way up to Piegan Pass. Just before the top, we ran into a group of eight thru-hikers who started a few days before us but had to go north through the park since all the designated campsites going south were full. It was strange to have such a large group upon us all of a sudden.

The slog up and over was windy, but the views were stunning. I built a few snowmen along the trail, but they will probably melt before anyone else sees them. My knee was a little twitchy going up, but going down the other side all hell broke loose. Something is messed up and my knee is telling me all about it. The pain is mild but it scares me. Wish I knew what was going on inside because it isn’t swollen, just painful. Slowed my pace considerably, but I’m frightened. What if I can’t go on? What if I have to get off trail? Thru-hiking is important in my life, and to have my mobility taken away has me crazy with fear.

Tomorrow is another day and I can only hope my knee feels better.

  • Starting Location: June 19
  • Destination: bad knee!?


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