Many Glacier Lodge

Last night it sprinkled, so my wet tarp got stuffed in the outside mesh of my pack. Toek and I ate a quick breakfast and started up, up, up to Red Pass. Big climb – many switchbacks. Jug, Prophet, and Mike stayed back since they weren’t scheduled to get very far; hope to see them again. Towards the top of the pass it got cold and windy so I didn’t hesitate long before scrambling down the other side. Saw a family of mountain goats but they were too shy to stick around for a photo.

Lots of bear scat on trail. I’ve been wailing away on my harmonica, confident such outbursts of screeching noise will alert any bears and send them packing! I never play while stopped though, least one come take a swing at me in an effort to SHUT ME UP! Toek saw a cub today and I spotted a mother moose with two little ones right by the road to camp. Just as I started down the skies opened up with freezing cold rain and winds that threatened to thrash my umbrella. It was a cold, miserable walk to town, but the giant fireplace at Many Glacier Lodge warmed me right up. Such luxury! Unfortunately, I wasn’t going to pay $200 for a bed so when the sky stopped pissing, it was off to the designated campground. Toek and I ate canned chili from the camp store and set up our humble shelters for six bucks. Can’t wait to get out of this designated camping area.

Toek tried to teach me to say ‘Hey bear’ in Dutch but my voice just can’t get the correct rolling ‘R’ pronunciation. Tomorrow I’ll attempt to learn some cuss words and keep my thru-hike language learning tradition alive. What could school possibly teach me that the trail couldn’t?

  • Starting Location: June 18
  • Destination: Many Glacier Lodge


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  1. That explains the language deficit…loving this Lint…and found the controls for paging!!! evolution in process!

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