The beginning

Even though our shuttle ride to the Canadian border was expensive, the hitch up there looked like a long shot. It was worth it to pay and know we could finally start. Once we got dropped off, all 5 of us walked to the border for photos, even though the guards there gave us the hairy eyeball. From the border to the trail – we had begun! All the nervousness I’ve built up with the proposal of another thru-hike were gone, and before me was the glacial scoured peaks of northwest Montana. My pack was light, even if it did have a stupid mandatory bear canister in it. I decided to celebrate by listening to some music on my MP3 player, but the damn thing was broken! Must have sat on it or something. All the time I’d spent loading it with the perfect hiking soundtrack was wasted and I was left carrying a broken hunk of plastic. At least it wasn’t my GPS or camera that got smashed. Easy 10-mile day to the first designated campsite. It’s cold up here and I’m too chilled to write.

  • Starting Location: June 17 – I’m off!
  • Destination: The beginning


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