Grizzly bears

I leave for Montana tomorrow, and as far as I can tell all my ducks are in order. Trail food is heaped in a corner, all my gear is spread out, my toenails are trimmed into neat edges and my train ticket is waiting at the station. All my personal belongings are jammed into a 5 x 4 storage unit, just got a haircut, and I purchased my grizzly bear protection; a harmonica!Ok, hear me out.As most of you know, when traveling through grizzly bear country, it’s important to make enough noise so any bears around you can hear your approach and flee before meeting face to face. Bear attacks are most likely to happen when a hiker surprises a bear as they quietly hike along. Bears don’t like surprises. Traditionally, hikers clap their hands and shout or sing to warn any bears ahead of their presence, but I thought the obnoxious screechings of an unskilled harmonica player would be just as loud. Boy, that sounds really stupid now that I think about it. But too late! My CDT harmonica is tucked away in my pack, ready to revolt and repel any bears (and a few other hikers, no doubt) and keep me safe as I leap from tree to tree from Canada to Mexico.

  • Starting Location: Grizzly bears


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