Counting the days

Wow, another hiker bum journal. Isn’t this exciting? Are you, dear reader, ready to read my nonsensical ramblings as I hike along the backbone of america? Are you ready for poor spelling and run on sentences? I’m not sure if I’m ready to write anything worth reading, but I thought it might be nice to allow my friends and family to read about my hike this year.So I’ve decided to hike the Continental Divide Trail.  I have been riding my bicycle everywhere as usual, so at least my legs are shapely. An unfortunate tallbike jousting match has banged up my knee, but I can’t do anything about that now. Since I don’t have one of those pocketmail devices, my kind mother will be transcribing my journal entries for me. I’ll mail her scraps of paper with my scribblings, and she has agreed to type them up online. Not only will her excellent English skills help in correcting my poor spelling, but since it is my mother doing all this typing I’ll have to clean up my language. Friggin’ great.

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  1. lol, no really..just sitting here laughing!!! WTF!Needed a little spelling help did you? That’s why I don’t keep much of a journal! No one is going to want to read all that bad spelling! (Thank God for Mom’s!)

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