Continental Divide Trail – ’07

The Continental Divide Trail is the biggest, most brutal and beautiful of all the trails I’ve hiked. It’s length is somewhere between 2600 and 2800 miles, but there is no way to accurately determine for sure since so much is cross country travel.

On this trail, hikers are free to make up their own routes from Canada to Mexico, and carry maps showing an assortment of ways to connect their footsteps. Since all my other hikes had been northbound, I decided to southbound from Canada. Grizzly bears, dangerous river fords, baking hot deserts and lightning prone alpine traverses made for a spicy adventure.

This trail took me just over 4 months to complete, and the last 3 months were in almost complete solitude. There were weeks where I would see absolutely no other humans, and somedays not even a trace of mankind. No roads, telephone lines, or even airplanes.

Trail Journal:

  • Counting the days

    Wow, another hiker bum journal. Isn’t this exciting? Are you, dear reader, ready to read my nonsensical ramblings as I hike along the backbone of america? Are you ready for poor spelling and run on sentences? I’m not sure if … more

  • Grizzly bears

    I leave for Montana tomorrow, and as far as I can tell all my ducks are in order. Trail food is heaped in a corner, all my gear is spread out, my toenails are trimmed into neat edges and my … more

  • getting to the start

    There is something about train travel that fascinates me. In a country where speed is paramount and the tyranny of distance is just another obstacle to conquer, the slow rumbling of the train makes travel something to be savored. Flying … more

  • waiting for permits

    Met 3 other thru hikers in town who are fighting for permits too. Jim, Mike, and Michael finally got their green light and will be sharing their first camp with Toek and I. And here I thought the CDT would … more

  • The beginning

    Even though our shuttle ride to the Canadian border was expensive, the hitch up there looked like a long shot. It was worth it to pay and know we could finally start. Once we got dropped off, all 5 of … more

  • Many Glacier Lodge

    Last night it sprinkled, so my wet tarp got stuffed in the outside mesh of my pack. Toek and I ate a quick breakfast and started up, up, up to Red Pass. Big climb – many switchbacks. Jug, Prophet, and … more

  • bad knee!?

    For all the cold rain that dumped yesterday, today more than made up for it. Blue sky and sunny rays followed Toek and I all the way up to Piegan Pass. Just before the top, we ran into a group … more

  • hiking joys

    Last night I had awful headaches and couldn’t stop coughing…allergies I guess. Popped a Sudafed and was finally able to rest…for 14 hours! We didn’t get on trail until 10:30. Not that his matters since we can only walk 12 … more

  • Atlantic Creek camp

    Last night as we were cooking dinner a large hawk started circling the lake in front of us. As we watched, it dove to fly right above the surface – directly at the lone duckling in the lake’s center! Right … more

  • The Divide

    Today was the first time we walked on the actual Continental Divide. After trudging through snowfields up Pitamakan Pass, a quick map student showed a CDT alternate, which promised excellent views and possibly dangerous trail. Judging by the lack of … more

  • East Glacier

    Leaving Two Medicine campground (and the bear canister) behind, the trial went up onto an exposed ridge with winds that nearly knocked me off my feet. It’s times like this I’m glad to have a large body to weigh me … more

  • Zero day

    Zero day! Gotta wait for the post office to open on Monday so today is rest and town food. Got some Ibuprofen for my sore knee and checked email on the computer at the gas station. Starting Location: June 24 … more

  • Two Medicine River

    Off to the post office as soon as they open to mail home the ice axe. Even if it’s only 7.5 ounces, just knowing it’s gone eases the burden of my pack. Toek and I met with Jug and newly … more

  • hiking merrily along

    Another beautiful morning on the CDT as the trek continued down Two Medicine River. Last night it got into the 20’s and was still chilly early on, but hiking warms yer blood up pretty fast. Had a break at the … more

  • Dean Lake

    I heard Steady rustling when he awoke but it was freezing outside and I couldn’t stand the thought of getting up just yet. Hoping for the sun to hit me was stupid though, so after he left I jumped up … more

  • Spotted Bear Creek

    It’s very rare that I get up early in the morning, but last night I pitched my tarp just right and woke as the sun turned the sky an imperial violet. Before retiring for the evening I had mixed oatmeal … more

  • Chinese Wall

    People often ask me ‘Why do you do these hikes?’ and my answer is usually as lame as that particular question. Why would anyone want to live in the woods, sleeping wherever they please and drink from mountain streams? Why … more

  • Straight Creek

    A short seven-mile walk brought us to the Benchmark Wilderness Ranch where most hikers send re-supply boxes full of food. The ranch was closed but our boxes were outside in metal bear proof boxes so we dug through our stuff … more

  • on the Divide

    As nice as our riverside camp was last night, this morning is was COLD! Even though I know I’ll be warm as soon as I start hiking, those 15 minutes before I do seem like eternity. Not wanting my hiking … more

  • Caribou Pass

    July 2Forgot to write about today, so this will be short. Took an alternate route up Caribou Pass which involved a loose rock scramble across a steep slope and some rock climbing at the end, but the view was worth … more

  • tradition transfers

    Got to the road early and hitched with a nice lady from Wisconsin into the town of Lincoln, Montana. We splurged and got a hotel room between the three of us so it was affordable. Did the local town stuff: … more

  • cooking and a ‘wild woman’

    Instead of going to a restaurant for breakfast, we decided to take advantage of the stove in our room and cook. Our culinary skills combined like some transformer robot and giant breakfast burritos appeared. We bought a ton of food, … more

  • Stemple Pass

    I’d heard a southbound CDT hike was supposed to be mostly cold, but we have been sweltering in hot weather and since the trail is usually up high, there aren’t a lot of water sources. More than once we’ve had … more

  • Dana Springs and the lights of Helena

    Dana Spring came just in time for us to fill our bottles this morning. The area surrounding the spring had thoughtfully been fenced off from the hooved locusts we call cows, otherwise the clean water we got would have been … more

  • eatin’ good with friends

    Cool and cloudy skies greeted me this morning for an easy stroll down the mountain to MacDonald Pass. I hadn’t planned on hitching to this large city, but ToeK needed to mail some food ahead to a place that didn’t … more

  • hikin’ with good friends

    That glowing orb came up hot and brutal this morning to remind us there was hiking to be done. Sleeping bags were packed away, breakfast made, and then Good To Go and his mother shuttled us back to the trail. … more


    The CDT has many alternative routes to offer and we seem to take whichever suits our fancy when the trail splits. Today we had an option to take a low river route that cut off a few miles, or to … more

  • new constellations in the sky

    Somebody turned down the thermostat last night – it was cold! Glad I didn’t mail home my base layers because I needed them. Today was mostly walking on Forest Service roads with pleasant views and easy tread. As we came … more

  • voting with my money

    Seven eleven! Happy Convenience Store Day! Library didn’t open ’til late so we skipped it. Hit a tiny convenience store for coffee but after hearing the lady talk about how she dreams of turning it into a small organic grocery, … more

  • bugs!

    Bugs are bad so I must keep this short. Big climbs today and I have to reevaluate my senses so I wont take this beauty for granted. Oh, another jaw dropping view? This trail has it all: scenery, wildlife, and … more

  • a scary time on the Divide

    I’ve been sprawled out under my tarp for a while now; thinking about how to express in words what occurred today. I don’t think I’m capable but I’ll do my best. I wasn’t even able to explain to my hiking … more

  • Lost Trail Pass

    Lost in the forest! Ok, not lost really, but we did take a wrong trail at the end of yesterday and ended up walking a few miles in a slightly different direction. We were tired and not being as aware … more

  • one month on the trail

    One month on the trail and we roll out from our nests tired and filthy. Had so much fun we forgot to shower or do laundry! Who cares? We’d be filthy again anyway. Wildcat, who had stayed in a different … more

  • Sheep Creek

    The trail took us on a knee jarring decent to Sheep Creek this morning, past thick stands of conifers and across streams where I tried to boulder hop across but mostly just sloshed right in. My sneakers dry out pretty … more

  • caring for the trail

    25 miles today over beautiful yet extremely rugged terrain so this will be short. Saw a family of elk but they must have smelled my feet because they took off before I could get close enough for a picture. But … more

  • Idaho and Montana

    Here I am, 25 miles from where I slept last night under a canopy of stars and nestled amongst fallen pine needles. Had some splendid crest walking today and the trail meandered from Montana to Idaho all day. Being so … more

  • trail magic and a bear

    Trail magic? Again? Sure enough, we were fortunate enough to receive kindness from random strangers. As we sat drinking spring water at Lemhi Pass, some folks stopped to see the famous ‘headwaters of the Missouri River’ and ran into us. … more

  • Leadore

    If at all possible, the best plan for a campsite is to face east and get bathed by the morning sun as it rises. Not only does it help to start the day being warmed by the sun, but this … more

  • Horse Prairie Mountain

    Woke up at dawn to the sounds of cranes calling to each other as they flew above. Hit the P.O. and got my food and new shoes. Felt bad about getting a food mail drop here after noticing I could … more

  • Cottonwood Mountain

    I decided to take an alternate route off trail to see something way off the beaten path and made plans to meet Jug and Toek at a spring further down the line. It was a fine walk and I found … more

  • memories of NOLS

    Ran into a group of NOLS students out on a backpacking trip and I remembered my own NOLS course in the very same area eleven years ago. Look what NOLS got me into – now I’m a hiker bum who … more

  • Lima, Montana

    What the?! What happened with the date? I’m missing a few days! I’d like to say those missing journal entries were brilliant pieces of prose, chock full of witty observations and detailed descriptions of nature’s beauty that happened to get … more

  • going it alone

    Mike drove us back to the trail and the journey continues. Saw some more bull elk with impressive antlers and had some crazy bushwhacking since the trail just disappeared multiple times. I like walking cross-country though; it makes you extremely … more

  • meeting up with critters!

    What a day. All started out well enough with nice trail and sunshine. Around noon the skies exploded with rain, followed by thunder and lightning. I was walking on an exposed ridge without tree cover so I just put up … more

  • Yellowstone

    Permits? We don’t need no stinking permits! Well, actually, we do in Yellowstone Park. But as thru hikers with unusual schedules it’s difficult to arrange. Most folks plan months in advance, but we don’t know exactly when we’ll arrive. I … more

  • Old Faithful

    Up and at it by 6am, some kind of new record for me. Walked by fascinating geysers and cauldrons Yellowstone is famous for. They look like a nice hot tub, but the temperature could be too hot. And besides, soaking … more

  • A scare in the woods

    Today was northbounder day! Of the few goofballs who decide to hike the CDT every year, about half go north and half south. The ‘NOBOs’ start around April, so they are much further ahead time wise than June start southbounders. … more

  • Parting of the Waters at Two Oceans Creek

    Goodbye Yellowstone! It was a short visit but you were beautiful and I’ll always recall you fondly. An easy 14 miles along the Snake River got me out of the park and their restricted campsites. Hello Teton! A thunderstorm greeted … more

  • answering fan mail

    Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket? The horse packers’ superhighway was the CDT today, and a muddy route it was. My feet couldn’t stay level as I sloshed around and slipped in yesterday’s alfalfa. … more

  • road walking – blah!

    Ate a crappy but expensive breakfast at the lodge and got outta there. To get to the CDT involved a 10-mile road walk along a busy highway and the swarms of vehicles made for uncomfortable walking. Met a crew of … more

  • Wind River section

    Nice day bushwhacking through the forest, just meandering southeast in the woods. Eventually found some trail and was able to hike faster. Got on a wrong road somehow and popped out much further south than I expected, but just then … more

  • another alternate route?

    For some reason I thought this section wouldn’t have many other hikers but I was wrong. There are hikers everywhere! I couldn’t walk half an hour without bumping into someone. And they weren’t even all ‘hardcore’ backpackers. There was a … more

  • meeting Jordan and Gail

    Life serves the risk taker and today’s jaunt over Knapsack Col proves this once again. Since this has been a low snow year, the danger wasn’t there and I was rewarded with breathtaking views of lofty spires and peaks encircling … more

  • meeting the Moaks

    I misjudged where first light would hit, so instead of waking up early, it was 8am before my eyes opened! I have an alarm but hate using it…reminds me of work. So my original plan of 30 miles to get … more

  • Big Sandy Lodge and Jackass Pass

    Frost on the ground again this morning – I can’t wait to get my cold weather gear. Been a little chilly in my quilt and ever since the zipper broke on my jacket, I haven’t been able to zip it … more

  • leaving the Wind River Range

    Today was the end of the Wind River Range, by far the most spectacular section yet. Couldn’t resist climbing East Temple Peak, 12,590 feet, if I recall. It was an easy climb with great views and I got to look … more

  • South Pass City

    Town day! Um, well…kinda. South Pass City is a historic mining town just off the highway and most hikers send themselves food there to avoid the long hitch into Lander. There isn’t even a real post office, just a tiny … more

  • still desert

    Up by alarm – I hate that, but it’s necessary if I’m going to crank out bigger mile days. Did 15 miles by 1pm and stopped by a spring to tank up on water. It’s very dry out here and … more

  • the circle of life?

    Broke my beloved spoon the other night. This is tragic, people. There is still a tiny nub I can grasp to shovel food into my mouth, but what was I going to stir with? The only wood around is sagebrush … more

  • Rawlings, Wyoming

    Left Bull Spring with 5 liters of water and headed out into the desert. Gaia smiled on me again and cloud cover blocked the harsh sun. The stretch into Rawlings is a road walk along a busy highway, so I … more

  • valet parking

    Swung by the PO and got my bounce box containing all the miscellaneous crap I think I might need. Refilled my Aqua Mira water treatment bottles. German Tourist really saved me back in South Pass City when she gave me … more

  • water jugs along the way

    Scott went back to Rawlings for coffee and I resumed my road walk, looking forward to his return with caffeine. When he finally did return, he also had a hug box of food he got from an AYCE breakfast buffet … more

  • Gordon and Jane

    People really don’t walk very much anymore. We drive everywhere, even short distances that could easily be covered on foot. All or recreation is powered by gasoline, whether it’s auto racing, ATV’s, or puttering around the ecological nightmare of a … more

  • 1400 miles behind me

    My new heroes sent me off with coffee for breakfast and I vowed to keep myself as free spirited and enthusiastic when I reach their age. Quiet footsteps across padded forest duff led to a giant rock cairn, and I … more

  • folks from IL

    Drank the last of my water and hustled on to find more, which came just in time as a bubbling spring. I hate treating my water so clean sources like this are great to find. Met a nice family out … more

  • living like a troll

    Well, here I am in Steamboat Springs. Did a 30-mile day over some beautiful mountains and ended with flat ATV track, so my ‘big day’ was done by 5pm. Waited 10 minutes hitching on hwy 40, being passed by the … more

  • more nice folks and a dinosaur

    The sounds of bicycles over my head woke me up and I crawled out from under the bridge to bask in a sun shiny day. Took the free bus to downtown and checked out a few thrift stores in search … more

  • Gabriel, running across America

    The PO had my box! It was there the whole time but the lady yesterday must have overlooked it. Got my precious maps and some other cold weather gear I’ve been mailing along to myself. I would have been out … more

  • too much information

    Elk bow hunting season started yesterday so the woods were full of hunters buzzing around on ATVs and giving me funny looks. They’re all decked out in full camo so I don’t exactly blend in as another hunter. Plus I’m … more

  • 12,000+ feet

    Today’s walk had me high in the mountains, above tree line for quite some time. Coming off Poison Ridge dumping me into a tangle of old jeep roads but I found the correct path and descended in forest through a … more

  • musings

    This ‘trail journaling’ leaves me frustrated at times. It’s one thing to scribble nonsense onto paper only I will read (and hopefully decipher) in days past. It’s another thing entirely to know this crap will reach an audience. How am … more

  • Roaring Fork and beyond

    Wha? Morning already?   Someone waved me over so I joined the line and had a huge meal of fresh fruit, waffles, and coffee. A group of psychics had rented the place and fed me all this for free! Someone tried … more

  • Devil’s Thumb Pass

    COLD. I’m camped in a little flat spot surrounded by boulders to block some wind, but at 12,200 feet it is mighty chilly. Went up Devil’s Thumb Pass today after noon and walked above timberline on the Divide the rest … more

  • Parry Peak

    Steady climbs, more exposed ridge walking. Weather was good over Parry Peak and at 13,300 something, I’m glad it was. This is the kind of terrain where you really want a partner; steep slopes and rocky ground. Absolutely beautiful. There’s … more

  • meeting the relatives

    Guess what I did today? Oh yeah, I walked! Up, around, and over Colorado’s wonderful mountains, over rocky passes and finally down to a jeep road that spat me out into the town of Silverthorne. It’s always such a shock … more

  • Frisco and snowboarders

    Broke down and purchased a new pair of insoles to replace the thrashed ones in my dusty ol’ shoes. Paying retail hurts, but so do my feet without proper support. So look at me now, with my snazzy new top … more

  • Copper Mountain and beyond

    Morning bicyclists and walkers woke me up as they cruised along the bike path next to my tarp so I figured I better get athletic too.  Said goodbye to those skateboarding maniacs and thought about my next trip. From the … more

  • Mt. Massive

    I could have hiked like a madman and done the 36 miles into Twin Lakes today…but nothing would have been open anyway, so I had a nice relaxed 26-mile day up and down from mountains to valleys and all the … more

  • Twin Lakes

    The CDT near Twin Lakes takes this ridiculous route around the east side, roughly 7 miles in a big loop when every hiker needs to go to town to resupply.  So I bushwhacked to the general store and got my … more

  • bad signs and shoes

    Last night’s drizzle turned into a real boomer and the fierce winds blew rain right into the open end of my tarp. All night my umbrella served as a block and I stayed reasonably dry but the rain did get … more

  • Tincup Pass

    Friday, and the hordes of goobers from towns near and far come to the woods to get away from it all, and act like total buttheads. I’m along the trail, getting water from a spring, when I hear that tell … more

  • Monarch Pass and into Salida

    Pleasant strolling got me to Monarch Pass where I was supposed to pick up a mail drop, but a little mix up happened so my package wasn’t there. Hitched 20 miles to the town of Salida and opted to get … more

  • lazy day in town

    All I did today was stare at the television – never even got dressed. What a lazy day. I’m not a fan of television but it was fascinating to watch this garbage. And the commercials! You have to quit watching for … more

  • on the trail and still dirty

    Mail drop! Got my box of maps and food, then got the hell out of town before the previous night’s exposure to pop culture had my buy a new car, artificial flavored puffed crackers, or that heart medication whose side … more

  • racing a truck – and winning!

    To be honest, today wasn’t very exciting at all. The trail just followed old jeep roads along the Divide in almost constant forest cover. A little up, a little down, a 13-mile waterless stretch. Saw some motor cross dirt bike … more

  • getting colder and darker

    You’ll have to excuse me if these scribblings are often dull and inarticulate. After a long day of hiking, I set up my tarp at dusk, get settled in my nest, and cough up a journal entry before I pass … more

  • mountains and wildlife

    Wasn’t sure of my plans today and didn’t make the decision until I was at the trail junction. Should I stay on the CDT or take this alternate route to San Luis Peak and finally climb a 14,000-foot mountain? Aw … more

  • the Luck of the Irish

    Cold, cold, cold! This will be short. Hitched to Lake City and found Rob’s house. He was that nice fella who picked me up out of Salida. Showered and did laundry; last laundry was in Steamboat Springs! Rob told me … more

  • cold in the San Juans

    Lucky drove me back to trail and I hiked on. The San Juan Mountains are amazingly beautiful. Had to stop often to admire the views. Got hit with sleet and couldn’t find a suitable flat spot so I hiked until … more

  • talk about ‘trail angels’!

    It rained off and on all night but stopped by morning. The sky was gray though and soon enough it started pouring again. I’m above tree line for a long stretch in this section and the cold wind was merciless … more

  • Hunchback Pass

    Today is my 3-month anniversary on trail, and I awoke to more of the same weather. Last night I could hardly sleep with the storm crashing so loud. The cabin shook with some wind gusts, and if I were out … more

  • 20/20

    Oh hindsight, you drive me crazy! I had contemplated taking a ‘zero’ day in that cabin and hoping the weather would clear but bolted when it looked a little clearer. If I had stayed I’d have awoke today still on … more

  • running low on food

    Back on the Divide! It was a heck of a climb to get back up here but oh so worth it! Today was fantastic weather and the trail rolled over the spine of this country. Walking on the actual treeless … more

  • Pagosa Springs

    Sometimes when one gets greedy and asks for water, Mother Earth brings thunderstorms. Instead of a helicopter dropping a bottle attached to a parachute, I got a midnight storm with winds so violent one of my tarp stakes was ripped … more

  • passing time

    Unfortunately, LETITBE had to work today so we weren’t able to continue the excellent conversation we started last night. He had brought me back to his home and let me stay in his new hostel cabin out back. I got … more

  • Silver Pass with friends

    Rode back to town with Laura and who do I see at Switchback but Slipkid, a north bounder I met way back in Yellowstone. He was here to finish hiking south to Chama since deep snow made it necessary to … more

  • COLD!

    Note! The past couple days have been extremely cold, so I didn’t write every evening. These journal entries are from memory, which is tough since that part of my brain has been taken over by lyrics to Dead Milkmen songs.The … more

  • sunny and COLD!

    My water bottle was icy and my shoes frozen solid this morning. Very cold and I wore my down parka most of the day while hiking, which is crazy since it is so toasty I usually can only wear it … more

  • camping on the railroad

    Parents, be prepared to censor your computer monitors because I’m about to talk about…poop. This morning it was so cold the ground was completely frozen and there was no way for me to dig a hole to bury my morning … more

  • Foster’s bar and great locals!

    Had a big breakfast and got all spazzed out from about 8 cups of coffee before hitting the library. The librarians there were so nice!   Got my bounce box from the PO  while purging the contents and sending a ton of … more

  • hoboing to Cumbres Pass

    In thanks for my nice accommodations the past two evenings, I packed out the miscellaneous trash others had left and had another amazing breakfast in the restaurant across the street. Walked to the road for the dreaded hitchhike back to … more

  • meeting Andy

    Stormed all day! I avoided the meadows where the ‘trail’ was and bushwhacked through tree cover since lightning was everywhere. At a highway crossing I met Andy Skurka and hiked with him for the rest of the day. Rain turned … more

  • New Mexico!

    Funny how your expectations can be so wrong. I kinda figured New Mexico would be dry and relatively warm after a Colorado autumn, but the storms just keep rolling in. Today was cloudy and windy as I walked the maze … more

  • Ghost Ranch and the desert

    Sure am glad I packed 3 liters of water from Harris Bear Spring because the Yeso stock pond was unbelievably disgusting. It was a long way to carry water but that pond looked like chocolate milk. No, I take that … more

  • Meeting Rolland

    October already? Where has the time gone? Oh yeah, being a hiker trash hoodlum in the woods! Nice, easy hiking today. Hit some new trail with markers, which was a nice surprise. Ley’s map and Wolf’s guidebook differed after a … more

  • Circle A Ranch

    Rolland and I started out this morning on nice new CDT tread, but soon a bunch of unmarked junctions had us scratching our heads in confusion. Tried to stay on trail but eventually said, ‘To hell with this’ and just … more

  • hiking the desert

    After a big breakfast, Rolland and I took off for the 5 miles to Cuba on foot. The CDT goes right down the main drag and here we bid farewell. Rolland had to hitchhike back to his car and go … more

  • the story of my picture…and more

    I walked in desert through a section called the badlands, twisting and turning in a ridge of eroded rocks so shaped by the forces of nature that mobility was slow at best; up and around pillars of stone, down crumbling … more

  • planning the next hike already

    I can’t wait for my next thru hike. Yeah, I’m not even done with this one, but I can sense the end just over the horizon. How could I not want to do this again? After tasting this freedom? Americans … more

  • more ramblings

    Eight short miles across New Mexico’s crumbly geography got me to a road, a paved road. Once in town I splurged and took advantage of the notoriously cheap hotels and paid for a room. I know, blasphemy! There were so … more

  • forced zero day – ug!

    Packed up my gear and flipped on the Weather Channel to see what I should anticipate. Some rain is forecasted this week, which is actually nice for the desert since cloud cover keeps you from sweating too much. Then I … more

  • Zuni Canyon

    Good grief! I gotta get out of here! I cleaned up the floor and got my bounce box from the post office. Enough! I mailed everything in it home. No more will I be a slave to the tyranny of … more

  • enjoying the desert

    I don’t know why I enjoy the desert so much. You’d think a fat kid from the Midwest would just shrivel up and die out here, but I relish the uniqueness of it all. Today I saw wild turkeys, snakes, … more

  • Pie Town…really!

    32-mile road walk along a dusty lane. Ugh. Hot, dry, and the water sources I was depending on were gone. Two guys gave me some fruit, another fella gave me Clif Bars and juice, and then I began to pantomime … more

  • CDT

    Hey y’all! I know it’s been awhile since I rapped at ya, but I’ve been busy. After meeting trail angel Nita in Pie Town and eating some of her famous pie at the Pie-O-Neer restaurant I mailed a post card … more

  • Separ

    Not every day of a long distance hike is full of excitement and daredevil thrills. Some days are actually kind of dull, and today was one of those days. I walked the dirt road that serves as the trail for … more

  • CDT

    Took off cross country to ease the boredom of those blasted roads and got tore up in the spiny undergrowth. Not as pleasant as coffee in the morning but it sure does wake you up fast. Waves of grasshoppers sprung … more

  • Mexico

    Starting Location: After waking up and beginning to hike, I started having second thoughts about my decision to follow the “official” CDTA route. Although there were huge CDT signs along the way, many of them were angled in such a … more

  • back to normal

    So that’s all folks! Thanks for reading my gibberish, and thanks for signing my guestbook. I hope you were able to follow my trip and enjoy the highs and lows along with me. Any future hikers who are reading this … more

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