Arizona Trail – ’13

Arizona Trail – ’13

Trail Journal:

  • When one thru hike isn’t enough.

    I’m not very good at planning. You’d think I would be meticulous with logistics–being that I spend months on end hiking across the continent–but the truth is, I just kind of jump on into adventure. Sometimes my plans change overnight, … more

  • Oracle, AZ

    These last 200 miles have been a real kick in the pants. Dirtmonger and I started our AZT hike on April 3rd, and the trail wasted no time showing how challenging Arizona can be. Water sources are few and far … more

  • Limping to Superior

    This last stretch between Oracle and Superior really tested my standards for ingestible water. Those who have hiked on the Continental Divide Trail know that cattle tanks are often the only source of hydration, and that dirty cow-water is a … more

  • Get me to PINE!

    Having a foot injury really made me question the continuation of my journey. One one hand, I could quit this hike and return home to heal, hopefully before any long term damage took place. On the other, I knew that … more

  • Flagstaff!

    As I suspected, the trail north of Pine was vastly different than what I had been walking through. Once up on the Mogollon Rim, the terrein was flat and conifers outnumbered cacti. Smooth sailing! I encountered a rattlesnake, who was not … more

  • End of the journey

    Arguably one of the highlights of the Arizona Trail is the Grand Canyon, and with that ahead of me I really put on the afterburners and cranked out some big miles. Another reason I was hiking 40 miles a day … more

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