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Did you know I started a YouTube account? I’ve been learning how to film and edit videos on my phone, so they’re all pretty rudimentary, but I’ll keep pumping out gear reviews as long as folks like them. I have … more

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MontBell UL Stretch Wind Parka review

I’ve never had much luck with wind jackets. I’ve tested several different models, each claiming to be the latest and greatest, but nothing I tried ever struck me as useful enough to own. I know a few ultralight die-hard hikers … more

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Florida Trail

I’d been aware of the Florida Trail for many years, but hadn’t really put much thought into thru hiking it. Like the Alaskan tundra–I was happy to know it was there, but had no desire to actually venture out and … more

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Altra Lone Peak 3.0 review

So, just to be perfectly clear about something—being an ambassador for a company doesn’t mean I’m going to blow a bunch of smoke your way, or give a thumbs up to a product that I don’t fully endorse. The relationships … more

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Contact page malfunction!

Unfortunately there was a problem with the “contact” link here on my website for a couple weeks. If you tried to reach me via that, I never received your email! Sorry about that, and please know if was because of … more

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Injinji love

(Shera and I with matching pink socks in 2006. ) Spring is right around the corner! But you, dear reader, are trapped inside while winter’s fury swaddles your favorite trail in snow. No better time to read about one … more

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Altra Lone Peak 2.0 review

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Altra footwear. Some might even call me borderline “obsessed”. However, rest assured–it’s a fanaticism built upon thousands of consecutive miles in what are simply the best shoes I’ve found to date. … more

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The Journey to Becoming an Ultramarathoner

The first time I thought about ultra running, I was smack in the middle of a 2,650 mile hike across the country. At that point I was entirely self-supported–carrying all my gear–routinely cranking out 30+ mile days. The prospect of … more

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Food…not just for making poop anymore!

When I first started long distance hiking, food was an afterthought. The items I brought along to eat were chosen based on convenience and cost, so my diet was full of junk. Ramen noodles, instant potatoes, candy bars; all traditional … more

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A few folks have asked me about my diet on trail, so here is a sample menu. I shouldn’t be writing this on an empty stomach, since the grumblings are distracting me something fierce. Breakfast consists of dry cereal almost … more

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