When not riding bikes and burning wooden pallets down by the river, Lint spends his time on the long distance trails in North America. His life revolves around long distance backpacking, or ‘thru’ hikes as they are known. More …

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  • Food…not just for making poop anymore!

    When I first started long distance hiking, food was an afterthought. The items I brought along to eat were chosen based on convenience and cost, so my diet was full of junk. Ramen noodles, instant potatoes, candy bars; all traditional … more

  • Wyoming!

    The psychological halfway point has been reached! A few days ago I passed the border of Colorado and Wyoming, and

  • End of the journey

    Arguably one of the highlights of the Arizona Trail is the Grand Canyon, and with that ahead of me I really put on the afterburners and cranked out some big miles. Another reason I was hiking 40 miles a day … more

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