When not riding bikes and burning wooden pallets down by the river, Clint “Lint” Bunting spends his time on the long distance trails in North America. His life revolves around long distance backpacking, or ‘thru’ hikes as they are known. More …

Newest posts and journals:

  • Redefining wealth

    I don’t really understand exactly why my definition of success has always been so different than most people. My parents weren’t radical hippies. Dad was a tradesman, and mom was a teacher, both they and the rest of my biological … more

  • Best…podcast…ever

    My girlfriend turned me onto the Joe Rogan Experience podcast back in 2013, and my initial response was “Rogan? The UFC commentator? From that Fear Factor show?” Yeah, that guy. At the time I was spending many hours at work … more

  • Trail town etiquette

    Spring is in the air. Migrating birds are sweeping back through town, daylight hours are stretching long and a lot of hikers are obsessing over gear. Packs are being loaded, weighed, and unpacked again to remove a few items in … more

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